Wonder Woman, Theft, and My Ban on British Accents

Becca thinks it's hilarious to converse in a British accent. 

I have told that it is not. Nobody thinks it is humorous, especially today. Nobody. 

If you agree with me, IGNORE THIS POST. 
If you agree with her, THEN LIKE THIS POST.

Thank you ahead of time for your silence. A jolly good Independence Day, everyone.

Facebook Responses

photo: Leanna Long
I thought it was going to be a good day, until I went to pour myself a cuppa joe and realised my Wonder Woman mug was missing.

There is only one thing* that I demand out of every day, and that is that I start it off with a good cup of coffee IN MY WONDER WOMAN MUG. No substitutions. And now that demand, that tiny little joy that is probably the only good thing in my life...was yanked away. 

Thanks Leanna Long. I hope you're pleased with yourself. Farewell to what was, until ten minutes ago, destined to be a fantastic day. 

Happy Fourth Day of July, U. S. A., France, and Britain.

*one of many things



Love these peeps, love them so crazy.

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