QUESTION: PJ Harvey or Bjork?

(no substitutions, no both)
A delightful Wodensday to you, creatures of the world

Facebook Responses

Winona Bateman 
Not fair.

Joseph Long 
Heh heh. I know

Lou Ghaddar 
PJ Harvey

Matt Nutter 

Derick Millsap Bjork. 
Her voice would sound the best...

Richard Dealy 

Ryan D Muse 
Bjork bru. Iceland is where its at. In fact ill be bringing you a few cds to a wedding soon
Michael Simpson 

Eva Winchester · Friends with Michael Simpson
Billie Holiday or Joni Mitchell?
Joseph Long 
Much as I enjoy Billie and Joni, that is for another day
(But if it was today, it would be Joni)

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