Not Chips off the Old Block, But You Can Always Re-Program

I was passing the snacks section in Costco when I overheard a 40ish guy grumbling to his wife about their kids not liking Fritos. I, of course, took this as my cue to join the conversation.

-What do you mean, they don't like Fritos?
I asked, leaning in.

They looked at me, and the fellow eagerly welcomed me into their familial debate.

"Our kids don't like Fritos. Can you believe that? Who doesn't like Fritos?!"

-That's ridiculous!
I agreed.
How does ANYONE not like Fritos?

She piped in:
"You're taking his side?"

-Of course!
I said.
Don't tell me you don't like Fritos either?!

"Oh no, I like them. It's our kids who don't."
(she pointed at her husband)
"He just gets worked up about it."

- Yeah, he should!
I said.
I mean, if they don't like Fritos, then what alternative is there?

He raised his hands in cheery, thunderous frustration.

- Good point.
I agreed.

"What we've gotta do, is re-program them. Set 'em straight."
He said, with hope.

- You really do,
I agreed again.

"They're so stupid,"
He said with good cheer,
and I could tell he is a good dad.

- Yeah, they really are,
I agreed again.
You've gotta re-program them.

"Yeah. I'm gonna re-program them. Who doesn't like Fritos?"

-Next year, 
I said.
Next year, I will meet you guys here. Same time, same place. Let me know how the re-programming goes.

"You got it!"

I walked away, and felt good about helping them out with their stupid kids.

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