Life to the Max

Had a delightful mini-conversation on the Max with a robust mid-aged gentleman who was giddy about the phone picture he had just taken of a vintage jukebox at the KFC on 82nd & Powell. 

Giddy. His great big jolly face smiled a sun as he recounted his joy at finding this jukebox in the chicken joint. I write this tiny anecdote out of respect, as I LOVE those brief dialogues with people who are genuinely excited and enthusiastic about something. 

We went on to speak of vinyl briefly, and then he hopped off at his stop, but not before reminding me to check out the KFC.

"It's one of those joint KFC/A&W ones. I'm telling you, I just couldn't believe it. Gorgeous jukebox. Also, it's half off rootbeer floats today.

"Really?" I said.

A woman chimed on from the seat across: "And don't forget it's free Slurpee day at 7-11!"

"Thanks!" I said.

And then internally wondered if I could surreptitiously get one without my dental hygienist finding out...

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