Five Things

1. My son walked up with a tiny something cradled in his hand: "Daddy, I found a bug with an injury. Can we put a bandaid on it?"*

2. Every once in a while, we get a coupon from Starbucks for a free drink. It's always a great bonding experience for me and Becca, because we are completely on the same page: the most important thing is that we maximize impact by creating the most expensive drink possible. Today, we came in at $7.10. Or rather, our free drink WOULD have been $7.10 had we paid for it, which of course we would not do because $7.10 is a ludicrous price to pay for a cup of coffee, no matter how jazzed-up it is. We're actually a pretty cool team. Nice job, Dude.

3. I met this eight-year old kid today. Cool cat. Asked him what he liked to do:

"I like my Xbox. I like to play adult video games on my Xbox."

- Oh. 
I said.
What is an example of an adult game?

"Like ones with shooting, where you're shooting a bunch of stuff."

- Oh.
I said. 
Like Super Mario Brothers?

4. I watched my long-lost Hollywood brother Jeremy appear a hundred yards off, and then felt the blur of motion as my daughter raced past me to leap into his arms. My heart was warm for a moment, but it turned to a purplish-green envy as I looked at his Bruce Banner arms and Chris Isaak hair and felt the self-righteous comfort of resentment and jealousy wash over me. But then I felt better when I realised I have something he doesn't: kids. Also, a billion DUPLO blocks and a wife.

5. I've been thinking a lot today about Martin Sheen, and what a good television President he was, and how I could see us being friends in real life. There's actors I really like, but we'd likely be nemeses or arch-enemies in real life. Like me and Mark Wahlberg. But the Martin Sheens and Paul Rudds of the world...we'd be buds. I like my dad too. And Enrique Gomez.

Hope it's been a dandy day, all. Farewell to the light.

*I said No, I'm afraid we need a casket.

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