CONVERSATIONS WITH ART AT JACKPOT RECORDS: Grandaddy, Light Heat, Dirty Beaches, Baths

"Hey Art,"
I said when I heard the phone at the other end picked up.
"Sorry I didn't call last week. This is Joseph, by the way."

-"Oh hey,"
he said, with a tinge of cheer.

I said.
"Wondering if you have any recommendations this week. And also...I have one for you."

-"Oh nice,"
he said, with a tinge of conviction.

"You know Grandaddy, right?"

-"Yeah, they were good."

"Yeah, they're one of my all-time favourites. Well, Jason Lytle from Grandaddy has put out a couple solo albums that are really strong, and the second, "Department of Disappearance," is excellent. Gorgeous, wistful, vaguely experimental Americana. Really good."

-"Oh nice, I haven't heard it, but I'll check it out."

(I believed him)

He continued:

-"Have I told you about Light Heat?"


-"I don't know how to describe it...a little Elephant 6, sort of an Apples in Stereo-like feel."

"Cool," I said. "I love Elf Power from Elephant 6, so I will definitely check Light Heat out."

-He continued.
"Let's see...Dirty Beaches is new. I really loved his first album, and his second one is really good too. Lo-fi, Chris Isaak sound. Dark, low voice, simple instrumentation." 

"I'll take a listen."

-"And let's see...have I told you about Baths already?"


-"Today I've been listening to his album 'Cerulean.' Pop, electronic, mostly drum machines, but pretty good vocals. It's not too bad."

"Sounds intriguing," I said.
"Hey, thanks again, Art. I know you've got other things to take care of there, so I'll let you go. Talk to you next week. Have a great weekend!"

-"Yeah, you too."


Art is rad. Off to Light Heat we go.

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