...What have you been listening to? (Radiation City, Cass McCombs, Purity Ring, The National)

...What have you been enjoying this week?

I asked Ashley at Tender Loving Empire.
(Note: I have no objectivity with TLE. I LOVE them. Great roster of bands, great art, great store, great people. Next time you're at Powell's Books in Portland, skip a block over to TLE's little nook. You'll love it. At least I do.)

- "Oh boy," she said.
"Okay, I'll give you three recommendations!"

I said with equal enthusiasm.

- "Radiation City -Animals in the Median. Cass McCombs - Wit's End. Purity Ring - Shrines.

I said.

- "Oh! I have to add one more! I just put on The National's new one. First spin."

I haven't heard it yet either.
I said.
I will have to call back next week and see what you think.

So friendly. Enthusiastic. And good taste. Off to check out Cass McCombs. And if you haven't heard TLE artists Radiation City, Typhoon, or Y La Bamba...you really should treat yourself to a listen now.

Happy Thorsday, people and creatures of the forests, cities, towns, and oceans!

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