...What are you listening to? (Chris Brown, Rihanna, Sean Kingston)

...What do you listen to while you're driving to work? 

I asked the early-20s brunette cashier at True Value Hardware. 

- "Well...I listen to either the radio station, like Z100, or I have YouTube on my phone so I plug that in through my car stereo sometimes." 

Oh. I said. When you're listening to YouTube on your car stereo, what is something you might put on? 

- "Umm...Chris Brown. Rihanna. Sean Kingston sometimes." 

Cool. I said. 

- "I'm a dancer," she explained. "I like music that's uplifting. That makes you wanna dance, like hop hop." 

Okay. I said. So you're a dancer? 

- "Not professionally. I just like hop hop. I dance to hip hop for fun. It's more of a hobby." 

Right on. I said, and turned to go, with my box of 2" drywall screws in hand. Have a good one. 

I walked out into the sunshine, where it felt like I was walking on sunshine, or even dancing. On sunshine.

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