QUESTION: Led Zeppelin or the Rolling Stones?

  • Jaron Elizabeth Reed Led zeppelin. "I can't quit you baby" might be one of the greatest guitar singles of all time
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  • Ryan Joseph Carroll The Stones. Ten Thousand Light Years From Home.
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  • Shaun Hilton Zeppelin, the riffs on whole lot of love are wicked
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  • Andrew Becraft Led Zeppelin, without a doubt.
  • Joseph Long Opening vocals on Immigrant Song. A thousand times later, still get goosebumps 
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  • Shaun Hilton Ya, Plant has a set of pipes. Over the Hills and far away very good tune too
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  • Sarah Bailey Rolling Stones. And I would have to think for a while.
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  • Steven Miller Rolling Stones. I've been hankering to spend time with Exile on Main Street lately.
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  • Lanessa Long Led Zeppelin
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  • Marcus Nutter Led zeppelin hands down, too many to choose, but right now have to pick Moby Dick
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  • Christine Lindstrom Nelson In my mind there was never any competition. I did NOT like the Stones, choosing the Beatles every time. Led Zeppelin is one of my favorite all time bands... "Gotta Whole Lotta Love" still rings strong and true in my brain. I used to listen to "Stairway to Heaven" with headphones over and over. Love it or hate it, it is iconic. I actually have learned to appreciate Stones songs the older I get... but very few. TMI?
  • Lisa Pacini Fonville · 10 mutual friends
    Ummmm, ZEPPELIN. No contest, although I do appreciate the Stones. Funny this should come up today; the only argument my husband and I have ever had was after he said he wouldn't go see The Rolling Stones in concert (in their prime)...even if tickets were free or of someone paid him to go. This, of course, is absurd and I chose to let him and everyone in the very nice restaurant how truly absurd it was. Then we got to talking about Michael Jackson......and things got worse. 
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  • Jon MacKenzie Zeppelin, Black Dog.
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  • Ryan Joseph Carroll Zeppelin are the godfathers of butt rock and I can't forgive Robert Plant for creating a whole genre of copycat crap in the same way I can't forgive Eddy Vedder for doing the same thing even though I'm sure both groups have made some good music.
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  • Jonathan Ponder Cool, finally an easy one. Led Zeppelin. The Rolling Stones and their boring bravado will be forgotten. 
  • Charmian Vistaunet Led Zeppelin...way more creative and the amount of talent far surpasses Rolling Stones in my opinion. "Since I've been loving you" is a somewhat different but powerful song by Zeppelin that always strikes me.
  • Trevor Wister The Mighty Zeppelin, Heartbreaker... I mean Kashmir...I mean Dazed and Confused. I give up, can I pick them all?
  • Joseph Long Not a massive fan of either, but definitely gravitate toward Zep. Blue-sy metal vs. blue-sy hard rock. Points for song titles (Bron-Yr-Aur, D'yer Mak'er, Immigrant Song). Plus that shrieking voice from the heavens...Bob Plant can wail like Odin. 

    Stones have been a tough sell for me. I like Exile and several tracks from Let It Bleed...but every time I think I might enjoy listening to them, I find myself gravitating to Lightnin' Hopkins or the Kinks instead (i.e. either something more strictly blues or strictly rock 'n roll). I can respect what they helped start, and can enjoy in short bursts. 

    I love the back-to-back comments from you and you (Ryan / Jonathan ) 

    And fave Zeppelin song today? Down By The Seaside (from Physical Graffiti).
  • Joseph Long No TMI, Christine. Thanks!  Think I nderstand where you're coming from with the Stones.
    Lisa, great little anecdote  But now I want to hear about the Michael Jackson debate...
  • Joseph Long And Ryan, if there was no Pearl Jam, there would be no Creed. I know how Scott Stapp and his boys have been a major influence on your own music...

    Speaking of which, feel free to plug your next show here. Upcoming?


    Albatross - vocals; Karlito Franz - bass; Orion - guitars; Action Lord - guitars; Dr.Time - Drums
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  • Ryan Joseph Carroll Haha. Gotta love Creed, can't help but be influenced by them. Lol

    Next XGFC show will be August 10th at both the Alberta St Fair and the NoFest in St. John's. it will be an epic day as I will also be running the Foam Fest 5K that morning!
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  • Caleb Pryer Led Zeppelin- "No Quarter"
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  • Christine Lindstrom Nelson I could never stomach Mic Jagger but I have to give props to some of their songs... but only after Susan Boyle did Wild Horses... so, which version, Susan's or Stones?
  • Zachary White I love The Stones but Zeppelin could possibly be the greatest band of all time in my opinion. Definitely one of the top three. I love their genre versatility. And as far as all around skill I would say they're #1. Lyrically there's a beautiful balance of light and darkness.
    Favorite Stones song is currently Honky Tonk Women.
    Favorite Zep song is hard but probably right now is The Song Remains The Same.
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  • Steven Kirkwood Led Zeppelin, so versatile, so unique, crossing the generations. A step just above The Stones in my book.

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