LIKE for a tall glass of water. COMMENT for an ice cream bar.

My daughter just helped me mow an acre of yard. Did she do a good job? Imagine Stevie Wonder shotgunning a dozen Red Bulls, then pulling out some clippers and enthusiastically giving Carrot Top a trim, then dyeing his hair a sickly brownish-green, and you will have some semblance of what our lawn looks like, which is to say it is a very good yard for bug-discovery, which was our intent in the first place.

So if you think our daughter deserves something for her hard work, then let your opinion be known in the next 15 minutes. Starting...now. Timer's going. 

If there is zero response at all, then I will personally eat TWO ice cream bars, including hers, which is fine by me. So do whatever.



Angie Fortenbury Give that poor baby an ice cream bar!! 
June 7 at 7:18pm via mobile · Unlike · 3

Joseph Long Magdelana is holding my phone...I just told her: "Uncle Jonny votes water."
June 7 at 7:18pm via mobile · Like · 1

Joseph Long Magdelana thanks you, Angie.
June 7 at 7:19pm via mobile · Like · 2

Cherilyn Clough ·
Hey we all have to learn to drive somehow! The poor darling deserves an ice cream!
June 7 at 7:20pm · Unlike · 3

Joseph Long Another thanks to you from Mags, Cherilyn. 
June 7 at 7:22pm via mobile · Like · 2

Matt Westermeyer Ice cream for Magdelana - X2. She can have yours. You go look for bugs.
June 7 at 7:22pm via mobile · Unlike · 6

Joseph Long NOTE: her mother just voted for water.
June 7 at 7:22pm via mobile · Like · 2

Zachary White I scream for Ice Cream.
June 7 at 7:22pm via mobile · Unlike · 4

Jonny Long She deserves it.
June 7 at 7:23pm via mobile · Unlike · 2

Joseph Long Thanks a lot, Matt. I am not introducing that as an option.
June 7 at 7:23pm via mobile · Like · 1

Raleigh Clough · 23 mutual friends
What Matt said... This is a conspiracy!
June 7 at 7:29pm via mobile · Unlike · 3

Dena Ball Thomas It's the smallest efforts that count the most, and the moments that make the biggest difference! Ice cream for all. Great "life" training.
June 7 at 7:30pm via mobile · Unlike · 3

Joseph Long I have a sinking feeling we will be sending our children to bed tonight with a bunch of sugar in their systems. Thanks a lot, people.
June 7 at 7:31pm via mobile · Unlike · 5

Joseph Long Voting closed. Opening freezer now.
June 7 at 7:32pm via mobile · Like · 1

Dena Ball Thomas Maybe a late family movie night? My fave!
June 7 at 7:32pm via mobile · Unlike · 3

Wendy Meier Such effort should be rewarded in some positive fashion. Such vigilant supervision and bountiful patience on the part of her fellow-mower ought also to be rewarded. In consideration of bedtime, the Countess may also opt to be rewarded as a matter of personal fortification.
June 7 at 7:38pm · Unlike · 4

Jill Duncan MacKenzie I was too late to vote but I just know deep down in all that is parenthood that she got her well deserved ice cream 
June 7 at 7:40pm · Unlike · 2

Sharika Boland Kim Ice cream ice cream ice cream and then a dip in your neighbors icy pool
June 7 at 7:46pm via mobile · Unlike · 4

Joseph Long Yes! Next time, that's what's on the line. 
June 7 at 7:47pm via mobile · Like · 1

David Huckaby Huck voted water because 73.56% of all Americans are mildly dehydrated, then I thought, "Hrmm ice cream .. Has ice... Water in a solid state... Will be absorbed into blood stream as it liquifies, Joseph could have a great teaching moment!!! Ice cream it is!!!" 
*waits for the next installment where Joseph offers vegan water or cow-based water again"

June 8 at 3:26pm via mobile · Like

So she helped me mow. Did we do a good job? Absolutely not. It looks horrendous. But our longtime* family motto is: "if you can't do something really well, then at least have fun doing it with reckless abandon."

Or in the case of mowing, ultra-safe abandon.

*motto created today

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