Happy D-Day

It's a good thing some people can keep secrets,
like Ike and Bernard;
Lieutenant-General Frederick Morgan and Captain J.M. Stagg,
and a few others in '44.
They had a secret and couldn't explain
until it was too late for the nefarious moustache man to do much about it.
Neptune leading to Overlord; forces rising from sea, dropping from air; tridents and shields, racing to make beachhead.
Details. Logistics. Strategy. Luck. A good meteorologist.
Seriously big secret. 
Can't even comprehend.
Hundreds of thousands of humans.
Five thousand ships. 
In yer face, tiny moustache man.

It's hard keeping a secret.
But you did it, and deceived the decepticons.
Nice job, guys.
All respect on this D-Day anniversary.
Thank you.

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