CONVERSATIONS WITH ART AT JACKPOT RECORDS: (Mac DeMarco, Wooden Indian Burial Grounds, Parquet Courts)

Art is so cool.
I said.

- Art? 
My daughter exclaimed.
- You've never even met him!

I said.
But I talk with him every Friday afternoon on the phone about music.

- Are you excited to know what he looks like?
She asked.

I said.
That'll be cool.
I called up Jackpot Records. 
Hey Art, I said.
It's Joseph. What are you spinning this week?

- "Oh, hi. Let's see...there's this compilation that's out called 'Change the Beat.' Have I mentioned it before?"


- "It's a late-70s, early-80s two-disc compilation. The label is Celluloid, I believe. It's a really varied mix, from post-punk, sort of Joy Division to...reggae. Quite diverse."

Right on.
I said.
And I wanted to tell you how much I've been enjoying Federale. I'm not sure how they had slipped under my radar, but that was a great recommendation that I've passed along to other friends as well. So thanks from them too.

- "Oh good...and I don't know if I've mentioned Mac DeMarco."


- "Okay. His second album is out. It's called '2.' Just really jammy, good time, electric guitar...the voice and production are interesting - the vocals are warbly, like something is wrong with the tape. Interesting."

I agreed.
Hey, I'm sorry, I know you probably have customers there...

- "Yeah, let me just get a couple bags here..."

(I hear him briefly chatting with customers, then bidding them farewell. Then he's back on.)

- "Have I told you about Wooden Indian Burial Grounds?"


- "Okay. They're experimental rock. Almost classic rock, big sound, big drums. They're local too."

I'm jotting their name down as we speak...

- "Have I mentioned Parquet Courts? They're Texans living in New York. Nineties pop sound. They were in Portland Wednesday night and I saw them. Their first full length album is...it's pretty flawless, in my opinion."

Nice! I've been hearing good things about them.
I said.
That is a solid endorsement. 

Hey, thanks again, Art! Really appreciate your recommendations. Catch you next week - and have a great weekend!

- "You too."


So yeah, that's my friend Art. Haven't met him yet. But he's so great. And Parquet Courts...got some listening to get in...

Happy Dad's Day Weekend, all.

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