CONVERSATIONS WITH ART AT JACKPOT RECORDS: Wild Nothing, Radiation City, Sun Angle, Cleaners From Venus

Hi, is Art there?

I asked the guy who answered the phone at Jackpot Records, even though I was fairly sure the soft-spoken gentleman I was speaking to was Art. 

- "Umm...this is Art."

I said. I'm Joseph, the guy who called last Friday. You recommended Goat and Luxury Liners, and I have especially enjoyed Goat's "World Music." Any recommendations today?

- "Oh, let's see...have I mentioned...Wild Nothing?"

I replied.

- "Oh! I've been listening to their EP Empty Estate. It's pop. Dreamy, lot of effects on the guitars, like Radiohead...but not so experimental."

Sounds up my alley.
I said.

- "Did I mention Radiation City?"

No, but they are great. I love a bunch of the Tender Loving Empire artists.

- "Okay, good...have I mentioned Sun Angle?"

I said.
Tell me.

- "They're...crazy. Really fast guitars, almost Latin-like drums. They're a crazy three-piece from Portland. Really good.*"

I said. 
Have not heard OF them, let alone heard them.

- "Have I mentioned...Federale? Also local, really atmospheric, sound like a spaghetti western soundtrack. A little folky-blues.

Love Morricone,
I said.
So I'll definitely check them out.

- "Just checking out the wall here to see what else I've been listening to...let's see...have I mentioned The Cleaners from Venus?"

I laughed.
I guarantee I would have remembered!

- "Okay. It's actually older from the early '80s. English. Volume II. Really great. I want to say it's a little Guided by Voices, a little bit of Joy Division in there, lo-fi, really interesting vocal approach. I just have Volume II, which is several CDs...a box set sort of thing."

I am excited.
I said honestly.
Thanks so much. Again!

- "No problem."

Well, talk to you next Friday. Have a great weekend, Art!

- "You too."


Convos with Art. He's such a cool cat. Just another reason to dig Fridays. 

Have a great weekend, universe.

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