Big Love: Cat Power, God, and the Germans

Driving along, listening to Cat Power's gorgeous rendition of Amazing Grace. 

Chatting with my son: Isn't this song beautiful?

-Yeah. Why?

Well...I LOVE Cat Power's voice. And you know what's so great about this song?
It means that even if you've done bad things and been an awful person, that God still loves you. And forgives you when you're sorry. It's called grace and it's amazing. Pretty cool. 

- Oh. But does God not love Germans?

Umm...God loves Germans.

- Oh
(Thinks for a moment)
But does God not love Nazis?

Oh boy,
(I said).
That is a great question, because I really do not care for Nazis. At all. They were very awful. But...I guess I can't answer for God. God's pretty good at forgiving people, but that's a tough one. Oh look - A DRAGON!

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  1. God can love anybody, even nazis. And if he's poured out his grace on them, like the writer of the song Amazing Grace who was a slave ship captain, you will know, because they won't wanna be nazis anymore.


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