All You Gotta Do is Plug in the Sun

We will roar through the summer,
ripping through pages like Saharan sandstorm,
and ever-present the depressing thought that I will exit life someday
with unread books on the to-do list.

If a parent's job is to improve the quality of life for their offspring,
then I will ensure that their future unfinished to-do reading list is three times shorter.

The Great Brain. A Wrinkle in Time. The High King.
Holes. The Trumpeter of Krakow. The Sandman.
Stone Soup. The Invention of Hugo Cabret. Lost in the Barrens.
The Hound of the Baskervilles. Ender's Game. Anna Karenina.

Here we come.

Okay...maybe not all this summer.

But here we come. Kids, you are in for a treat.

To experience some books for the first time all over again...delicious.

Happy reading, universe. All you gotta do is plug in the sun. 

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