...What have you been listening to? (!!!, Luxury Liners, Goat)

...I have a question. A question that might be both strange and normal,

I asked the fellow who answered the phone at Jackpot Records in Portland.

- "Okay..."
He replied, with the gentle earnestness of the best music store workers.

What have you been enjoying lately music-wise? You personally?

- "Hmm...let's see,"
he replied, elongating his response in a way that let me know he was taking it seriously.
"The new Chk-Chk-Chk album is really good.

You're talking about the exclamation-point dance-punk band?*
I asked.

- "Yes. It's excellent. And Luxury Liners is good too. A little bit electronic, with a soft pop sound.

I have not heard them, or heard of them.
I said.

He picked up steam.
- "Have you heard Goat? Tribal, world music...sort of. A little Afropop in there."

Really appreciate the recommendations! 
I said.
Do you mind if I ask your first name?

- "Art."

Art. Thanks, Art. I'm Joseph. Have a good weekend!"


Gonna go check out some Goat.

If you're in Jackpot Records anytime soon, talk to Art. Cool cat.

* the name of the band is !!!
It is pronounced Chk-Chk-Chk

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