...What have you been listening to? (Johnny Cash, Randy Travis, George Strait)

...What do you enjoy listening to when you're not at work?

I asked the credit union* teller, as Muzak dribbled out from speakers hidden behind a fake plant.

Sheepish look on her late-20s countenance.
- "Believe it or not...country."

I said.
Nothing wrong with that. What sort of country? Hank Williams country...new country...some other country?

- "It depends on my mood. I'm a total mood listener. I guess old country, but there's some good new stuff too."

So what would be an example of "old country" you really enjoy?
I asked, as she wrote out my deposit slip.

- "Let's see...Garth Brooks. My family raised me on country. 

I said.
So as a "mood listener," what do you listen to when you're very happy?

- "Johnny Cash,"
she replied.

I LOVE Johnny Cash!
I exclaimed. 
It's kind of a bond with me and my dad. And I haven't heard much Garth Brooks, but I know my wife likes him.

- "Johnny Cash is great," she agreed. "Garth is too. My family listened to him a lot growing up."

What kind of country do you listen to when you're sad?
I asked.

- "Alan Jackson. Randy Travis. And George Strait. I love George Strait. I've seen him in concert. He's great."

I'll have to hear some more of him.
I said, and turned to go.

- "Hey!"
She said.
"You didn't say what you like!"

Thanks for asking!
I said.
As far as country, I love Johnny Cash. And I LOVE Lucinda Williams. And...have you heard of Clem Snide?

- "No."

Well...they're not strictly country. But you can definitely hear some Hank Williams** in there. I like them a lot.

- "Okay,"
she said.
"I will have to listen to them."

I said, and turned to leave for the second time.
Thanks for chatting!

She was very nice. I love it when people get excited about things. Like country music.

*free tip for the day. Find a good credit union and say goodbye to banks forever.

**Clem Snide = Hank Williams + Sonic Youth

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