...What have you been listening to? (Beatles, Jeremy M. Long)

...What are you going to listen to today?

I asked my brother Jeremy, via cellular telephone.

- "The song I'm going to be recording in a little bit. Again and again. And again."

I said.
What's the song called?

- "Actress."

I asked:
If it were going to co-exist with a Beatles song, what Beatles song would it most resemble?

He thought briefly.
- "If you took every single Beatles song and put them together, then that's what it sounds like."

I said.
You just defined the word 'hubris.' Like Alexander the Great.

This led to a further discussion about hubris and Alexander, and this in turn jarred his memory.

- "Oh yeah, I've also been listening to Machiavelli's 'The Prince.' On tape."

I said.
He was not a very nice man.

- "In between, I've been listening to Mule Variations."

Let me get this straight.
I said:
You've been listening to Actress, the song you're getting ready to record. And you've been listening to Machiavelli on cassette. And you've been listening to Tom Waits in between the cracks.

- "Yes."
He said.

I said.
I have a conference call in a little bit so I can't let my phone go dead.

- "Alright. But what have you been listening to?"

Thanks for asking, Jeremy. Umm...a lot of Classical. On record. Mozart. Liszt. After I'm done talking to you I'm going to put on System of a Down. I'm kind of in a phase with them right now.

- "I remember when you introduced me to them."
He said.

Yep. I remember that too.
I said.


And now, he is going to record a song that sounds like every single Beatles song mashed together. I am looking forward to it. I wonder what it will sound like.

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