...What are you listening to these days? (Thievery Corporation, Primus)

...What have you been listening to lately?

I asked the barista dude.

- "Actually...a lot of trance. Ambient trance with a Middle-Eastern vibe."
He said, his hair-filled head grooving as he cleaned a mug.
"Like Thievery Corporation."

Good stuff.
I said.
(it's true: they can throw down a groove)

- "Yeah, and I'm going to a Primus concert in Eugene tomorrow night."

I asked.
They're still together?

- "Oh yeah,"
he got excited.
"The whole original lineup back together. Finally."

I said.
I'm not a big Primus fan, but that'll be a fun show, back together again and all.

He nodded vigorously.

I nodded in my own vigorous way, and left. He is such a cool guy, he really is. One of the friendliest baristas I have ever known. Got a '70s lanky, swaggery, chill sort of cool that makes me feel like I need to grow a moustache and watch Easy Rider. And maybe listen to some Primus. 

I headed out to my automobile and put on Cloud Cult.

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