...What are you listening to these days? (John Coltrane, Les McCann)

...What do you like to listen to on your way to work?

I asked Taylor the gas station attendant.

He smiled big.
- "Jazz. Smooth jazz."

I said.

Grin spread bigger.
- "Oh yeah. And I like some of the newer smooth jazz too. Les McCann. I like Les McCann."

Cool, man.
I said.

I dig Les too. Great jazzy soul pianist. Born in 1935...yep, he's a young one. 

Gas: $3.839 a gallon. Taylor, the jazz aficionado, got it pumped (guess which state I'm in) and I drove off, leaving my jazz buddy standing dry underneath a giant awning. 

With a giant smile, bobbing head to an internal beat.

Becca says I do that too.

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