...What are you listening to these days? (Blind Guardian, Lady Gaga)

...What do you like to listen to when you're driving into work?

I asked Heather the Taco Bell Team Member.

- "Well...I don't drive to work."
She said.

I said. 
Well what do you like to listen when you're...on your way to work?

- "Blind Guardian."
She replied immediately.
"Do you know them?"

I do not.
I said.
I recognize the name, but I have not heard them. 

- "They're good."
She said, and looked around, and dropped her voice.
"They used to play good music at work here, but we got a new manager or something and this" 
(gestured to the ceiling speakers) 
"...is what we have to listen to now. We used to listen to good music here."

What is good music?
I asked.

- I don't know...Lady Gaga, stuff like that. Blind Guardian. Now all the Taco Bells have to play this classical stuff."
Rolls her eyes again toward instrumental music coming from speakers.

I said.
I will have to take a listen to Blind Guardian.

She said.
"That's who I listen to before I get to work."

I said.
And left, to look up Blind Guardian on Wikipedia.

They appear to be a German heavy metal band that has been around since 1984 and whose lyrics are heavily inspired by fantasy authors such as Tolkien and Robert Jordan.

Off to Pandora I go.

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