The Unrestrictive Construction of Constrictors in Shopping Cart

In celebration of the holiday weekend,
his Mum gave him a drawing notebook,
one for the road, and he lost himself in it.

Frenetically, methodically constructing
narrative illustrations of aliens, backpack-wearing, tree-climbing bad guys,
and a constrictor.

The world passed him by,
and he was the sun.

Then we went inside and bought spinach.


Full-on bragging mode coming up: We were discussing mathematics and I asked my son what ONE PLUS ONE is...and guess what?!!

...he ALMOST got it correct!

Not even three years old, and he is already learning how to wildly guess with confidence.


Sigourney Weaver in Aliens or Linda Hamilton in Terminator?

(No substituting your own mom)

Happy Mom's Day weekend kickoff! Thank goodness for strong women looking out for us.

Mother's Day weekend melody recommendations? Songs only (not albums or artists).

Tom Waits Long Way Home,
Nina Simone's Love Me or Leave Me,
Mates of State's Like U Crazy,
Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington's It Don't Mean a Thing,
Weezer's Don't Let Go, 
the Knife's You Take my Breath Away, and
Carole King's Beautiful

are the starting point. 

Thanks! Now go take yo mama an iced beverage.


"Go make yourselves useful in the forest,"

I said.

"Go work. Go build me a fortress."

Construction has commenced, but blades are dull and the distracting siren call of poisonous bugs is strong. I fear my forest dwelling is a distant dream.


I don't remember if this was a garage sale or a moving day. There was just so much going on that I don't remember. But I sure miss having my little sister live closer.

So maybe it wasn't a garage sale.

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