The Astro-man Cut Me Off, but then he smiled

He pulled out in front. Completely cut me off.

Then he realised what he did.

Caught my eye, waved, smiled, drove off. I did the same, and due to his authentic acknowledgement of his mistake, I avoided getting irked, thus helping my sunshiny frame of mind continue without interruption, as I played (quite loudly) the surf rock genius of Man or Astro-man?

Sometimes things aren't that complicated: you do something inadvertently. Something dumb. 
You apologise. 
Sometimes simply in the form of a thankful wave and apologetic smile.

You move on. And know that the roles will be reversed someday soon. 

A joyous Thorsday afternoon to you, earth.

Now go listen to some Man or Astro-man. Or Shadowy Men from a Shadowy Planet.

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