Starship Troopers of Mt. Norway

The creature moved slowly, but steadily, with a confidence that seemed well-placed, and a melange of legs and arms and rapier-like appendages protruding from exoskeleton. The kind of predator that smaller creatures shrink in terror from. It eyed the surrounding jungle, then went on the move; its pace quickening and assertive countenance turning to skittish...fear, as fight-or-flight kicked in.

A horn screeched in the distance; a modern-day buzzard circling as the score to the cinematic drama unfolding. The creature's flight was now unmistakeable; its panicked appendages moving like hummingbird wings. The predator, now the prey as a larger creature now pursued him. I silently rooted for his safe flight, and wondered whether I should intervene...

"Johannes, I think the bug just wants to roam around free, okay?" I said to my son.

Without breaking pursuit with dirty, chubby, filthy fingers, he agreed:

"I'll just put him in my bucket, okay Daddy."

His prison fingers leaped over the creature as he gently, deftly cornered it, and deposited into his bucket. His bucket, now a non-transparent waterless fishbowl zoo for forest creatures. Pine needle beds included.

My heart fell, irrationally. "I'm sorry, creature," I whispered.

Squeal of successful delight: "Do you want to get more bugs with me, Daddy?"

Okay. I said, defeated.

I sneaked back at a later point and released them all...they are free! 

For the moment. Enjoy your freedom. It won't last.

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