If you like Downton Abbey and witty verbal repartee;
If you dig Amelie or Gilbert & Sullivan; 
If you enjoy ballet or boxing or pirates and sword fighting; 
If you lovely theatre and lively music and soaring voices trilling across stage;
If you support Amelia Earhart and bold women with spirit...

...And if you support a fantastic troupe of people who have put together a wonderful adaptation of Little Women, then you might consider checking out Journey Theater's version at The Jackson Campus in Oregon City. 

A fantastic cast. And (spoiler) if you would like to see what would would happen if Michael Cera and French Stewart were siblings, and they had a brother, then keep an eye out for Ryan Tront, who plays the character of Laurie with unrestrained enthusiasm, verve, and hilarity. Delightful.

MAY 18 3pm and 7 pm
MAY 19 2 pm
$11 at door

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