QUESTION: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971) or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)?

*thanks to one of my students, Kelsey, for the question

Ryan D Muse Willy Wonka old school
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Ben James 71
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Meilani Long Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
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Ghazala Osman Long 1971 with Gene Wilder
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Matt W. 

While less dramatic, Wilder is much creepier than Depp. And I was VERY disappointed with the oompaloompas in the new one.

Christine L. 
Wilder was much more believable. Depp just seemed like a weird candy man but Willy Wonka... he was for real.

David H. 
Willy Wonka 1971

Wolfgang R. 
Wilder was more quirky and comedic. Depp was more creepy. I prefer Wilder, although, I have to give props to Depp for expirementing. There is an odd parallel between Willy Wonka and Michael Jackson. Both were isolated from the public due to their success, and so naturally their behavior would not align with public normalicy. I thought it was a big creative leap for Depp to take.

Jeremy Long 
Willy Wonka:)

Laura Bullock 
1971 Wilder was fun and I prefer that one.. but Depp was closer to the book version.

Jeremy B. 
Old school!!

Joseph Long 
Poor Tim Burton 
Yes Matt, the Oompah-Loompas were a little disappointing the recent version. Interesting note: originally they were called "Whipple-Scrumpets." Which is also a great name, but lacks the poetic panache of "Oompah-Loompa."

At one point, Brad Pitt and Nicholas Cage were considered for the role of Mr. Wonka. Good point, Wolfgang, regarding the WW/MJ parallel.

Agreed, Laura (and Wolfgang). Whether Depp's interpretation is more enjoyable than Wilder's can be debated, but it certainly is more faithful to the character in Dahl's book.

Donn L. 
Original. Wilder was eccentric, Depp was creepy..

Lauryn M. 

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