QUESTION: The Strokes or the White Stripes?

Ben J. 
Oh thats a good one! Hard hard hard....

Reece W. 

Steven M. 
The Strokes!

Trevor W. 
The White Stripes

Ryan D 
Muse Stripes brosef

Wolfgang R. 
Last night, I would have said The Strokes, but a seven nation army can be very persuasive.

Ryan M. 
That's true Wolfgang. But they can't hold you back.

Zachary W. 

Zachary W. 
(Question: Why did you choose these two bands together?)

Viktoria Stagg de Borba 
no contest...the stripes

Lucy A C.-R. 
White stripes

Brittany A. 
The Strokes!

Russ Gay 

David H. 
how about "Different Strokes" and just "Stripes" 

Zachary W. 
Maybe the thing that make them comparable is "Str" vs "Str"

Joseph Long 
Never thought of that - good call, Zachary White 

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