QUESTION: Robin Williams or Steve Martin?

Rory Eggers 
Robin Williams over about anyone, lol

Jeffrey T. 
Hmm. Banjo-playing and novella- and short-story-writing give the edge to Mr. Martin.

Ben James 
Bobin all the way. Steve is good but just not as brodranged in theater. Robbin can be funny or be dramatic. With robin he is one of the most well rounded actores out there.. and come one he is popeye dont mess with popeye. Popeye was like the drunken kung fu master of the sea!

Matt N. 
Gotta go with steve martin on this one.

Jeremy Long 
Robin Williams.

Robin for drama (Fisher King, Good Will Hunting). Steve for comedy(The Jerk and The Jerk). Now that I think about it, I probably just really like The Jerk. Oh, and Steve's SNL appearances are pretty funny to. I'm not a fan of Robin's comedies or stand up, though. What with the nano nanos, and the machine gun comedy pace.

Josh Pryer 
Robin Williams.

Jodi H.
It's too hard... I can't choose. Probably Steve.

Jennifer LeB. They've both earned my admiration over the years. Can't imagine the world of film without contributions from both of them.
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Robin Williams

Melissa Sl.
I can't choose either! I love Robin's golf comedy routine but I love Steve in Father of the Bride. Bottom line is I love them both, in many movies, for different reasons.

Janetta B. 
Robin Williams!!

David H. 
gotta go with Mork calling Orsen

Craik J. 
Goooooood morning Vietnam!!!

Robyn K.M.
Gotta go with Robin Williams in the funny dept. Steve has some mad banjo skillz though.

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