QUESTION: Randy Newman or Alicia Keys?

Jeffrey T. 
Brutal choice. Shame on you. Pass.

Joseph Long 
Yep. Shame not accepted. Doesn't mean you can't change your mind tomorrow. Or in an hour. But what's the point of easy questions? Not afraid to ask the tough ones about the important things. So step up, Jeffrey. Minds are meant to be changed; doesn't mean you can't make a call for this exact moment in time. 

It helps me think about the qualities I love most about the artists I love the most. All respect to both.

Today: Randy.

Jeffrey T. 
I loves me some early Randy Newman. Political Science reigns supreme. Maybe I'm Doing It Wrong. Davey the Fat Boy. Good Lord, it's good stuff. But on a desert island, it might be tough to live on a steady diet of snark and clever. So you need the heart on the sleeve, the bold passions, the big risks. Today: Alicia.

Jeremy G. 

Vicki Lund Nutter 

Dave N.
You are comparing a great poet emeritus, incredible male singer/songwriter, one of the best in decades to Alicia?!!
The Toy Story characters may be visiting you in the dark of night for this insult of a comparison!!
Ok,ok...I guess it's Randy. 

Dave N. 
Wiping away the tears now..
Next we will probably read John the Baptist or Madonna?
Although I will forgive Mr. Townsend's shameless, pandering vote, since he has a command of political science history and Alicia is a pretty, beautiful voice, emotional heart rending vocals, and... sigh, the vision of a beautiful desert island and..where was I? 
Oh yeah, Bob Dylan or Wham?

Joseph Long 
No insult. Catchy, intimate, technically-gifted iconclasts. Both. Alicia has continued to evolve as a bold singer-songwriter in her own right. Could both learn a few things from each other; Randy is certainly one of the great lyricists; Alicia has shown herself to be fearless at boldly experimenting amongst genres and putting her "heart on the sleeve" (see above comment), yet consistently returning to comfort place with her piano. Would love to hear them collaborate.

Dave N. 
Oh no, Joseph! You can't just put the breaks on my rant that easy!!!

Dave N. 
One can only grow and benefit greatly from walking across the shards of glass that is Newman's voice in pursuit of righteousness and purity. Feeling so, well, holy, might I say for myself right now.

Joseph Long 
John the Baptist or Madonna? Ha! Nice.

I will not rush to the aid of those who are fully equipped to defend themselves, but I will simply state that Mr. Townsend is a longtime friend, musician, educator and filmmaker whose experience within the entertainment industry frequently makes his thoughts worthy of paying attention to. 

Oh yeah: just gave a TEDx talk last week too. 

FYI, if you ever watch The Simpsons: The piano bumper at the end of every episode ("Gracie Films")? That's him.

Okay, I guess I did rush. I just couldn't ignore the "shameless, pandering vote" reference.

Today's youngsters, tomorrow's legends. Randy Newman, Bob Dylan, and Tom Waits were all children once too. Someday, someone will question my blasphemy in comparing the incomparable Alicia Keys to ______

Dave N. 
Descending momentarily from my holy place to extent "bones" for a spectacular "back at ya"!

Joseph Long You sound happy in the holy place. Find a happy place. I would never want to pull you away from that 

Stay tuned for something especially challenging in the future. I'm thinking perhaps:
Neil Young or Justin Bieber?


Dave N. 
Santana or Stills?

Dave N. 
Season of the witch by Donovan or the Supersession collaboration?

Talkin' Big Leagues now.

Joseph Long 
FYI: Randy is playing at the Oregon Zoo on Friday, July 26. Due to a previous engagement, I will not be there. Great venue, great musician. Great evening.


An Evening with Randy Newman - Tickets - Oregon Zoo - Portland, OR - July 26th, 2013
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Tuesday at 2:10pm · Like · 2 · Remove Preview

Meilani Long 

Josh Pryer 
"I keep on falling in and out of love with you." Today is a Keys kind of day. 

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