One Honest Genghis Babe

Will a human ever long jump over 30 feet?

Will a human ever run 100 meters in under nine seconds?

Will a human ever score more than 100 points in an NBA game?

Maybe. Maybe not. Records are made to be broken. But every once in a while, there is a record that is unbeatable. Logistically impossible to ever top. I will give you an example:

We were playing Twenty Questions while driving. I was very good at this game. Probably the best in the world. In this particular game, I was the one who had the secret answer, and everyone else had exactly 20 questions to figure out who I had in mind. There is a strategy; a process for methodically asking questions that will narrow down possibilities and eventually lead to the correct answer. 

In most games, it's considered "nice" to let children go first, but that just seems like it's giving them an unfair advantage, so we try to avoid doing so, because then a child might defeat us, which would be horrid. Becca bullied her way to the front of the question-asking, and you're probably wondering what her first question was.

I will tell you in a moment, but first, let me return to that notion of STRATEGY. You are SUPPOSED to ask Yes/No questions that narrow the possibilities down. Questions such as "is it a mammal?" Or "is it a woman?" Et cetera.

Would you like to know what Becca's first - her FIRST - guess was? I will tell you:

"Is it Abraham Lincoln?"

That was it. That is what she opened with. Blasted through protocol and strategy and logic and made the incredibly dumb, ridiculous, infantile move of jumping right to a SPECIFIC guess without having any information. Such a stupid move.

It was Abraham Lincoln.

She was right. 

Unbelievable. One question. ONE QUESTION. It is impossible to win the game in fewer moves than that. Logistically impossible. 

In the presence of greatness. She is like the Genghis Khan of Twenty Questions.

How did she know? She knew. SHE KNEW. 

I am married to a Fringe agent. She is amazing.

And maddening.

I am no longer the best Twenty Questioner in the family.

But now I am married to the greatest Twenty Questions Player of All Time. And I am going to brag about it a lot. 

Unbelievable. Unbeatable.

One question. One.

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