Mother's Day Weeknd, pt. I

Two of my faves, forever.

People talk about the "...the special bond between mothers and daughters."
I'm a dad, which both contrasts and complements being a mom. 
I'm not a mom. 
But I like moms.

I'm an observer, and a truth-teller, and sometimes I make up stories. 
But first and foremost, a listener and observer.
A special bond between a mother and a daughter?
I can only observe and try to capture a feeling; as opposed to ever experientially feeling what defines that special relationship.

I like moms,
and I like this one. 
She is a super good one, my sister-in-law, buddy, sizzling human; 
super good mom not because of perfection. 

Because of effort,
and because of the love and affection I see poured into interactions with her kids.
Being a mom is about both accepting and fighting frustration and impatience; irritation and anger; 
battling through those things daily and still bringing love, affection, hope. 

And a bright ray to wherever you're at. 

this will be something that will last.
This mom, this daughter.
Something special gonna be there,


Cousins on Display.

I came across a pack of children, that coincidentally, happened to be gathered in a grouping that was in front of my camera lens, and strangely enough, some of them were looking in my direction.

Those serendipitous and candid moments...

Happy Mom's Day. Here is proof.

A Visual Depiction of the Unattainable Pursuit of Perfection, and How You Can Graze It but Never Hang Onto It.

In Search of Sunshine & Bugs.

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