Meadow of Beruna: Survival

Our work continues on the Meadow of Beruna,
the fortress we have been building in a GPS-undisclosed location.
We are not "survivalists," per se,
but let's just say that I can (almost) quote Robinson Crusoe verbatim,
and we have seen Swiss Family Robinson more than once
and I have dog-eared copies of The Road, The Passage, and Lost in the Barrens.

©2013 joseph ivan long
We will head into life expecting beauty, and remaining vegetarian,
but if the water runs out, then we've got a secret bucket filled with rainwater.
If the food supply dries up, we have cultivated colonies of moles and millipedes to feast upon.
If the power gets EMP-ed, I have a car battery with enough juice to power through a season of Downton Abbey or a couple spins of Blood on the Tracks.

Wild ostriches lurk with menace high in the trees; metal shards of mutant thorns reach out with cruelty.
Wart hogs wait in the shade-ows and we never rest easy;
knowing their shadows foreshadow a hard-rain that could imminently fall,
but we are together, with a machete, a sword, three granola bars, a water, and my dad's cell number.

If the sun goes black,
we will simply set the world on fire.
We are young, and we are fun.

In the Meadow.

Of Beruna.

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