CONVERSATION: George Orwell Was Not Flat Either

I said.
Since I'm the boss around here, I want you to start calling me "General."

-But what about Mama? She's in charge too.

I know,
(I said with great impatience.)
We are equally in charge, but let's just pretend that I am a little MORE equally in charge.

-But that would be lying. Are you a liar Daddy? (Big grin)
Do you want to be a liar?

You are such a little twerp.
(I said)
That does it: from now on, you call me "General."

- Um...I think I'd rather call you..."Mister Flathead."

No! I do not like that! My head is not flat, it is actually very round. That name is disrespectful and does not convey the huge amount of authority that I wield as a great leader in this family! 

- Okay Mr. Flathead,
She said, with mock seriousness.

I stalked off to sulk.

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