The Fountain, and How I Would Do Pretty Much Most Anything for Love, As Long It Was Moderately Convenient

Girl with Umbrella Running Through Fountain //// April 5, 2013

"It's raining profusely," I told them. "So we can hang out at Powell's Books, or we can trek the Hawthorne Bridge and frolic in the fountains."

I forget what they decided.

A Message to My Wife

If you were in prison, I would get you out.

Whatever it took. I would smuggle you schematics for a shovel, and sneak you directions for building a ladder. I would tell you what a bump key is. I would text you the website for Radio Shack, so you could teach yourself how to create a master remote for unlocking the gates. 

There is nothing I wouldn't do to get you out, assuming there was no physical danger to me, or risk of getting caught. I would even send you a copy of Papillon.

Just know that if you were in prison, you would not be abandoned. I would be there. Not physically, but I would be thinking of you all the time, when I was able. Nothing could come between us except prison walls. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is, you are important to me, and I hope you don't ever go to prison, so please do not jaywalk today, because they are really cracking down on that these days. I don't want you to be some DA's "example."

But I would be there, outside the walls, ready to spring you. Just know that.

Know that.

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The Umbrella and the Bridge (a Visual Juxtaposition of Two Inventions that Make Humanity's Life More Comfortable)

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