QUESTION: Taylor Swift or Alanis Morissette?

HA. Alanis of course.

Taylor, of course. Someone go date her and then quickly break up so we can have more great music.

Ben J. 

Neither! I would rather stab my ear drums out with a ice pick!!!

Christine L. 

Joseph Long. 
Ben, I think I would reserve that statement for more dire circumstances, such as the event of Gilbert Gottfried narrating War and Peace. I was skeptical about Ms Swift, but a student demanded that I actually give her a listen. I did, and have found some of her offerings rather enjoyable...though my heart is still with Alanis in a showdown 

Joseph Long. 
Christine...perhaps my brain is still foggy in the morning sun. But I am not connecting 'Florence' with either of them - song reference?

David H. 

Jagged little pill please...

Jeffrey T. 
Hmm. As usual, I need more information. Am I merely selecting music to listen to, am I choosing someone with whom to build a shelter, or am I being forced to share a small table at a crowded café?

Christine L. 

The Machine is front and center and being my age, Taylor Swift is cute and nice and probably a good role model and I like Alanis Morissette but Florence and the Machine, albeit probably not even in the same league, gets my vote... so, a question for you... Florence or Pink Martini? That would be moving up, in my opinion. And why in the world are you asking??? For your kids?

Shoshanna O. 

Alanis for old times sake!

Andrew B. 

Alanis pre- or post-"Jagged Little Pill."  Robin Sparkles, anyone?

Joseph Long.

 Jeffrey, I frequently have a propensity for adding disclaimers, exceptions, and guidelines. In this case, I have decided to state the question as simply as possible, with the intended implication being that because they are known on the basis of their music, that the question at-large refers to that: the music.

That's the idea. Fair question you ask, and I am glad you are also thinking in terms of dinner party guest lists and stranded desert island survival teams. Certainly worthwhile questions that will be addressed in the future.

Joseph Long.
Christine, I am asking because I'm curious about people's opinions and preferences. Simply conversation, I suppose. And I love music. And it's a good way to get comfortable dialoguing and disagreeing in a friendly manner, so that when the time comes to discuss weightier matters, then perhaps there is a certain level of respect and healthy communication that has received some good practice with issues of less consequence. 

Also, I am a massive proponent of setting creative parameters, so Florence (of whom I am also a fan) will have to wait for her day in court. Or on the battlefield, so to speak, to duel with a worthy adversary. In this case, she is on the sidelines.

Rachel Ken. 

Joseph B. 

Alanis more unique voice, writing style.. but i prefer Taylor's voice better..

Marcus N. 

Come on Jo, is that even a real question? It shouldn't be if it is!

Melissa Slaw. 

Jodi H. 

Taylor! And I like the question! And I like Alanis also.

Ben J. 

I'm sorry listening to some woman's relationship problem and knowing she is getting paid millions for it! Sorry just can't jump on board!

Yes, That is a Cup of Coffee Sitting on the Couch.

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