QUESTION: Queen or Muse?

Jeremy L. 
Muse. Let the controversy begin:)

Sabrina C. 


Lisa P.

BOTH. It is clear Muse was/is greatly influenced by Queen... Muse takes you many different directions, rocking your socks off one moment and bringing you to tears the next - they were the best show I've ever seen live. EVER. It was ridiculous.

Jeremy L. 

Well said, Lisa. Muse would not exist without Queen (or Zeppelin). And yes, their live show is nothing short of phenomenal. I'd give anything to see Freddie reincarnated!

Jaclyn A. 

"if you could be a Muse to The Pharaoh, you might be Queen..."


One of my favorite songs from him of all time!

So I want both. 

...if there was a gun involved. ....Queen.

Bobby J. 

Judas Priest.

Joseph Long. 

Oh Bobby. Priest is a whole other conversation.

Lauryn M. 

I love Queen. Don't get me wrong. But my heart belongs to Muse.

Bobby J. 

Rocka Rolla is a flawless record.

Kelsey D. 


Josh P. 

Thank God we don't have to choose. 

Melissa Slaw. 

I'm with Josh Pryer on this one!

No, they are not playing live action Super Mario Brothers. Jonny popped by my class to give an excellent demonstration of his aerial photography skills (octocopter with Canon 5D Mark III: not pictured). Crazy cool. Stressful. Who looks more relaxed?

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