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Self-portrait //// Camas, WA //// April 9, 2013

The Vow.

I told Becca, via cellular telephone, that I was just leaving the coffeehouse, that I would hurry and not dilly-dally, then as I was gathering my things to depart, I looked over and there was a guy on his laptop scrolling through fonts on a Typography website. 

Regarding things I get excited about: Typography

So I started to stop and chat, and I KNOW, I just know he would have been delighted, but then I remembered my promise. I stole one more glance - I think he was testing out a sans-serif take on Bodoni, which of course you know is kind of crazy. And crazy-cool.

So I looked, and then walked past him without a backward glance. I'll never see him again. That's fine, I guess. 

I drove home, and listened to Velvet Underground, and my son tried attacking me with a light saber today but it's not even a real one so I was fine.


"I have a lot of self-control. Until somebody makes me mad."

- young man, late teens, Alice Cooper hair, casually monologuing his life philosophy to another passenger on bus.

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