Hygienists, Lollipops, and 10pm Cookies

Tuesday, 10pm. I post the following on Facebook:

I am quite fond of my wife, but being married to a dental hygienist has its particular challenges.

Man, I feel like a lollipop right now. I feel guilty for even wanting one.


Becky Moreland Truth be told...Even dental hygienists eat lollipops!
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Joe Kim Hey Joseph, come on down to our house...we've got a lot of lollipops for you to enjoy without any guilt whatsoever......then you can go home and brush, floss, and rinse before going to bed.
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Sharika Boland Kim If it makes you feel any better, as your wife's former classmate & fellow hygienist, I'm currently making cookies.

They'll be ready in about five minutes.. Jussayin.
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Sharika Boland Kim P.S. my husband, the dentist, is currently riding his bike on the trainer. Feel free to bypass him & come to the front door. Ill send a plate home for you to enjoy. Guilt free.
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William Weatherby How do you know what a lollipop feels like?
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Joseph Long Whoa...you mean there's not a standardized code of conduct for hygienists? It's not actually illegal for hygienists to let their significant others have lollipops? I'm sensing there's more to this story than I've been led to believe. Thank you, Becky, Joe, and Sharika for your forthright responses. I'm going to dig a little deeper.

Cookies? Seriously? I will be down. Not joking. I will be there in ten.
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Becca Nutter Long Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Way to throw me under the bus. Dear.
Guilty?! Wow.
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Becca Nutter Long No thank you, everyone else!
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If you read through the comments, you will notice that there is one where an invitation is extended for me to come PICK UP COOKIES.

I decide to accept. At 10pm. Man, we have great friends.

Do you have friends who invite you to drive to their house at 10pm to pick up freshly-baked cookies that are still oozing chocolate? Sorry if you don't, because I have just returned from the home of such friends with a full plate of chocolatey warm delights. I would like to start ending every day this way, please. Sharika, you are the Florence Nightingale of late-night baking. An angel.

Thanks, dental friends!

Joe Kim Lets not forget who's initial invite it was that allowed you to come in contact with such delicious late night treats....and yes, I am spoiled by my wife with delicious treats somewhat on a regular bases, hence the late night session on my trainer. (By the way, thanks for hanging out with me tonight. It really helped the time go by much faster.)

P.S. Don't forget to brush and floss tonight!
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Joseph Long Dr. Joe, I would be so negligent to not thank you for kickstarting this happening. Thank you! Fabulous idea, we'll have to do it on a regular basis.

Great chatting with you...although I don't think I worked off quite as many calories as you during our conversation

Your advice is heeded. Toothbrush and floss, here I come.
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