Habeas Corpus That Book At Him, in the Right Venue

U.S. citizen.
U.S. soil.
U.S. court.

Yet another thing I love about this country: Rule of Law, and existing legal protocols to bring criminals to justice in codified ways that are not capriciously changed. 

There. Happy Monday.


Andrew B. 
Yes, but my problem with the American "rule of law" is that our government (both current and past, so not a statement about political party affiliation) doesn't seem to see basic civil liberties and universal human rights as applicable to non-citizens. This is all well and good if you happen to tick off all three of those boxes, but it sucks to be you if you're some poor taxi cab driver snatched off the streets of Kandahar or Aden and whisked away to Guantanamo with no prospect of access to due process.
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Joseph Long 
Understood. My observation was narrowly focused in regards to the current situation being played out, which is certainly part of the broader-based framework of universal rights and liberties you describe. I suppose I made it in the spirit of: you start changing the rules on your own citizens, it ends up being bad news for virtually everyone at some point. A thin slice of observation, rather than comprehensive analysis. Good point and reminder, Andrew. Thanks.
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Andrew B. 
^ Well said.
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Walter C. 
I would take Andrews rant further. We've killed American citizens (and their kids) with no due process or rule of law. We've imprisoned American citizens for years with out charges or access to lawyers* or other humans.
So we finally do the right thing and everyone is all pumped about it?
*Initially autocorrected to "lasers"
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Joseph Long 
I don't know that "all pumped about it" is quite apropos...agree with what you've said, Walter, but (and this is not a 'but' in terms of disagreeing with the content of what you've stated) I suppose I am a bit old school in terms of a) providing a measure of affirmation when the right thing is done (baby steps, baby) and b) not having my ear attuned to the country's thermometer about an issue, minute-by-minute. I'm more of a 'slow news processor,' so I guess if everybody's patting themselves on the back, I'm not very caught up on the mood swing 

I guess on a personal level, I have a keen interest in helping keep alive an awareness and memory of the scenarios you describe. Injustices at the level of institutions and governments. At the same time - and perhaps this is where a certain sliver of contrarian conservative streak glows through - in spite of my strong awareness of those muzzled, muddied histories, I do believe still in the beating utopian soul of democratic American ideals, and the opportunity for them to be righted - if not for the past, then for the future. 

Thanks for your comments, Walter. Always appreciate hearing your two cents on things. Feel free to toss in a nickel too 

BTW, I just skimmed through what I wrote on the fly, and half of it doesn't make sense to me now. But it sounds sort of...important? I just might make a good speechwriter. 

And personally, I believe it is a fundamental right for all humans to have access to lasers.
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