Air Bud and the Controversial Underpinnings of Non-Linear Thought Processes in an Age of Anthropomorphism


Air Bud. A dog who plays basketball. Has there ever been a worse story premise in the history of cinema?


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  • Sasha Suzanne For those of us who loved airbd and beause it played an integral part in my childhood memories of movies I majorly dislike this comment! Not cool.
  • Sasha Suzanne I did not like the sequels but the first one was amazing.
  • Joseph Long Heh heh. I stand my ground, but you can stand yours too and that's fine...although I certainly did not expect to ever hear "Air Bud" and "amazing" in the same sentence.
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  • Allyson Hanson MVP. Most Valuable Primate. Monkey hockey player... occurred in the slew of copy cats following our most famous Golden Retriever (a glorified, Lassie). Still... the Bud made me cry, and will now and forever remain my cinematic guilty pleasure.
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  • Joseph Long Don't get me wrong - I love films about cute animals as well (Cujo, Tremors, Anaconda, Grizzly Man, etc. spring to mind). I'm just ethically opposed to most movies in which animals are playing human sports, and also I'm vegetarian.
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  • Allyson Hanson Ethically? I'd like to hear that argument. That's not a challenge. It's genuinely sincere (and redundant) interest.
  • Joseph Long I was really hoping to sneak that one past. It just seemed like a good word to use that would make my position sound more defensible and important. There. You're welcome for the blunt self-assessment and brutal honesty. It's actually a great trick: make your own personal opinion sound like it has the weighty heft of social justice behind it. 

    That's really about it. Since it has your endorsement, I suppose I will also have to give MVP a try one of these days,


  • Allyson Hanson On moral principle, I think you should 
  • Joseph Long There was a slough of movies that came out in my college years that featured cute animals "being human," and engaging in various "human activities." I grew weary. And I guess I like movies about animals where animals are being animals, and not trying to prove their humanity.

    Animals being themselves.
    People being themselves.
    I like those kinds of films.
  • Jonny Long I would put Air Bud's script up against Free Willy XVII any day of the week. They both deserve spots on must watch movie lists of the past 100 years.
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