The Power of a Good Dream to Start off Your Day Top-Notch, and also the Tale of a Good Cop

11 a.m.

Good morning, Johannes! Did you sleep good!?

- Big sleepy smile. "Yeahhh..."

What did you dream about?

- Smile expands. "Princess Leia."

Well...there are worse things to dream about.

- Yeah. A warthog came and ate Princess Leia.

Oh. You are turning into a fascinating storyteller.

- Yeah.

11 p.m.

Jangling to the Raveonettes across Highway 26 late on a Saturday night a short while ago and I see the red and blues flashing alongside the road. 

Human nature's first thought, closely chased by a second: a) poor sucker, b) glad it's not me.

Slow down and look over. It's a highway cop, full uniform, splayed out on the ground, cranking a tire iron and helping two teenagers change a flat. 

Score one for Oregon highway patrol. THAT is community relations.

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