QUESTION: Peter Gabriel or Sting?



William We. 
Sting, no contest.

Joseph Long.
I'll always be a Police fan, but I have really grown to appreciate Peter Gabriel more and more over the years. I respect Sting, but don't find myself connecting to his solo work like I used to...

I'm not even sure why I think of them in tandem 

William We.
Maybe I should listen to more Peter Gabriel. What album would you suggest?

Joseph Long.
I've been enjoying So and Shaking the Tree (compilation). For me, most of his music falls into that strange category where I sort of gradually, without realizing, find that I'm really drawn to one track after another. But most of my favourites now are ones that I wasn't necessarily drawn to right away at all. I'll be curious to hear if you experience anything similar  

And all respect to Sting.


This makes me happy. Though a huge Sting fan, I love Peter Gabriel.. And I would agree with you in that most of my favourites were rather unexpected. I'm a fan.

Wendy M. 
Sting, but I have great respect for Peter Gabriel.

Melissa G.
Late Friday night (early Saturday)...Peter for sure!

And why do I have to choose?!

Lauryn M.
Sting, most definitely.

Matt N.
Johnny Lydon

Carrie C. 
I enjoy most Peter Gabriel songs. But I've seen Sting live, so I've gotta go with Sting on this one. I also think Sting is able to pull off acoustic way better. I watched a Peter Gabriel concert on video a few years back and he was a bit too far out for my taste when he was walking in circle upside down. I say sing your songs and let people enjoy them, don't distract them with stupid things.

Joseph Long.
Matt, although you have chosen to violate the question, I will respond with a question: Johnny with the Pistols or PiL?

Carrie: point taken. Haven't seen either live. Yet  There can certainly be a distinct gap between simply playing music and betwee...See More

Matt N. 
PIL does have a broader spectrum. To the original choice. I would give Peter the edge. No disrespect to Stuart Copeland.

Steve C.
Gordon Sumner. Hands down.

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