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I just checked my LinkedIn profile, which I try to do at least twice a year, and I was struck by the number of people who list "Social Media" under skills and expertise. I like Social Media, however, I am curious as to what differentiates a Social Media Expert from someone who simply spends a lot of time on Facebook. I am not belittling the listing of it (did I list it too?), but I am interested as to the qualifications that make it a Skill or Expertise. 

Also, offense intended, if I hear someone integrate the phrase "SEO marketing" into the first 30 seconds of a conversation about Social Media, then I probably will not consider that person an expert in Social Media.


Have had two 60-second conversations with Jeremy in the last two days. In the first, we spoke of teleportation, and then today we spoke of time travel, which elicited a brief dialogue about cinema that features time travel. What is the most confusing time travel film ever? Not counting Primer, which certainly holds the top spot. 

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