In Which a Student Reminds Me of Something Massively Important

I finished helping a student with a photography-related project yesterday - not a student in either of my classes - and as he left he said, 

"Thank you so much for taking me under your wing and helping me out. I really appreciate it." 

I smiled and said You're Welcome, and I thought: No, thank YOU for being appreciative and saying thank you. It's a simple thing that means a lot. Even to adults. Thank you for saying thank you. 

And thank you to the parents who helped make sure your boys learned its importance.


Do you want to wrestle, Daddy? 

- Why? I asked. I'm much bigger than you, and a lot better at wrestling. 

I will DEFEAT you! He screeched in his version of fierce. 

- Actually you won't, I said. You're not even three yet. 

I will FIGHT YOU!! 

So we began combat. And guess what!?... 

...I pinned him in less 30 seconds. 

What did you think would happen? Everybody loves an underdog story, but that's not reality. I let him up and started walking away. He followed and leeched to my leg. I will FIGHT YOU! He growled, hanging on as I walked to the kitchen. 

I'll take you down again, Pipsqueak, I said, and turned around for Round 2. 

And I did.

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