In Which I Express Cold Fury Over the Senseless and Savage Murder of an Innocent Mailbox

It is challenging to start off the day on a peaceful note when you look out your front window and somebody has taken a baseball bat to your mailbox during the night. 

Good thing there's no referendums on capital punishment I have to vote on today; my emotions are strangling my logic. Batman, where are you? Oh, he'd probably just refer us to the Hardy Boys. Also rethinking vigilante mobs. I do have a cape and Darth Vader mask...


Just finished reading Upton Sinclair's 1906 classic The Jungle. And when I say I read it, what I mean is that I read a GRAPHIC NOVEL adaptation of it. And guess what? I do not feel bad. I've slogged through plenty of challenging prose in my life; I thoroughly enjoyed racing through a visual interpretation of the classic (Chicago immigrants mired in meatpacking industry corruption...but really, a vehicle for Sinclair's politics). 

Finnegans Wake, here I come. Anybody else enjoy ever taking the easy route for a literature classic?

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