Everything I Think I'm Good At Goes Away

I used to be good at cooking. 
Then Becca started cooking.
Now, she makes vegan enchiladas and sweet potato curry that make her family salivate.
So now she is the cool cook.

I used to be good at LEGO building. 
Then I came home and Becca is constructing these Baroque spacecrafts with our son that have mini-fig bad guys holding weapons. 
So now she is the cool LEGO person.

I used to be good at being the hero in my children's stories.
Then Johannes tells me this tale about robbers who were trying to get him, and how "My mommy fights them, and says 'NO!' and then the bad wolves come and my mommy fights them too and she has weapons and she chops their head off."
So now she is Captain Americana and saves the day, every day.

Okay, I could be bummed.
Except I feel kinda cool being married to a superhero.

But I have forbade her from learning to bake pumpkin pie. Because I am still very good at that.

I think.


Life in the Fast Lane.

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