I know I am supposed to be strong and help them be healthy and get their proper sleep and all that jazz. But when I peek around the corner and hear him asking her what music is playing and she says Herbie Hancock, and she just happens to be correct, and then they plod their way around the corner in pajamas and he looks up with two-year old innocence and old man wisdom and says (likely assisted by his five-year old Life Coach):

Daddy, can we please watch some cinema?

Then I think we're just gonna have to plop on the couch and stick some Dick Van Dyke on. Bedtime be blasted. And I will forever think of jazzpianoman Mr. Hancock's "Succotash" with songful nostalgia, and be reminded of its rightful stature as one of the greatest songs ever. Probably at the top.

Herbie Hancock
Inventions & Dimensions

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