This Time Around (8Track Valentine's Mix)

1. Yours to Keep / the Teddybears (2006)

2. Can't Take My Eyes Off You / Manic Street Preachers (1996)

3. In Dreams / Roy Orbison (1963)

4. God Knows (You Gotta Give to Get) / El Perro Del Mar (2006)

5. This Time Around / Luna (1994)

6. Inside of Love / Nada Surf (2003)

7. Babybird / Matthew Ryan (2006)

8. Free / Prince (1982)

9. When Doves Cry / The Be Good Tanyas (2006)

10. Oslo Novelist / Grand Archives (2009)

11. Tenuousness / Andrew Bird (2009)


No better time to snuggle than a Taco Bell booth after a big bean burrito.
Jonny & Johannes / 2013.02.13


Daddy, shall we read some more Three Musketeers? My two-point-five year old boy inquired.

Sure, I said.

He continued: Do you know who d'Artagnan reminds me of?

(did not wait for reply)

Uncle Jonny.

His five-point-five year old sister burst in: Athos reminds me of Uncle Jeremy.

Johannes switches gears: Is the Cardinal's men bad? Are they not very nice?

Yeah, kind of, I said. And then I swiftly changed topics before he inevitably brought Darth Vader into the world of 17th century Parisian intrigue (the Cardinal would be no match).

Tomorrow: Johannes discusses the surprisingly complex character and motivations of Porthos.

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