I Have Said Nothing, and the Secret is Safe

I ran into one of your children today. 
Your child was with his grandma. Just in case you are wondering, your child was very happy. Very happy, perhaps due to the fact that he was clutching a lollipop the size of his head. "Lolli, lolli," he grinned with sticky mouth. Technically, it may have been a sucker, and logistically, it may have been smaller than I recall, and specifically, I don't remember exactly what the syllables were. Aside from the details, it transpired exactly as I have described. 

Do NOT TELL HIS MOTHER, his grandma warned me. Do not tell her. 

So I wanted to secretly let you know, Anonymous Grandma on Facebook, that I have not said anything to your daughter, who is also an Anonymous Friend of mine living in the Facebook community. Your secret is safe.

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