Beasts of the Northwest Wild (February 16, 2013 / Washougal River)

I believe in love. Also, I believe in seeds, and in patents. But I don't know that I believe in patents on seeds.

Also, I don't think (and I am not saying we are pregnant), that we would ever name our next child "Monsanto." It just sounds kind of like a bully's name. Also, we probably wouldn't name our child "Biff."

Homage to Edgar Allen Poe (the Purloined Cart, or, Average People On An Average Day Doing Average Things).
February 22, 2013

I used to like blueberry bagels. Then I realised last month I don't like them. At all. I wonder if I ever really have, or if I was tricking myself for decades.

Panera Bread / February 13, 2013

One day a week, the kids come along with me to help teach my two classes. Afterwards we go somewhere to eat a treat, play in a park, and hit up the library. It is a highlight, and I no longer get blueberry bagels.


Like most of you, I use commuting time to either sing along really loud to ABBA, or to plan out my dreams for the upcoming night. So this evening my vocal chords grew weary of accompanying glorious The Winner Takes It All, so I decided to focus on plotting out tonight's dream, in which Christopher Nolan has just accepted a position at Pixar, so now he will be co-writing a film (with me, because I work there too) and it is is a re-working of Theseus and the Minotaur, only there's also telepathy, elves, and a parallel universe involved. Also, the sun is missing and Eva Peron is presidente.

Oh hey there Jonny, didn't see you across the table!

And then I will wake up tomorrow and the day will be just as wonderful. But in a different way.

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The Winner Takes It All
Super Trouper

Sunday Night Cinema (February 10, 2013)

I was listening to the Beatles rush their way through I've Just Seen a Face, and it has brought on an onslaught of terribly missing my brother Jeremy right now. If I could choose between hanging out with him or Tom Waits right now, then obviously I would choose Tom Waits, but I would still be missing Jeremy terribly.

The Beatles
I've Just Seen a Face

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